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Our Story

"Riff House Concert Series is the quintessential musical environment.  Tim and Candyce are true music lovers at heart, and do such an amazing job providing a warm and inviting environment for both the musicians and the audience.  Meeting them, and playing their series, was the highlight of my tour." - Jason Myles Goss

All donations go to the performing artists. 

What exactly is a house concert?
House concerts are an opportunity for local and national musicians to really be heard.  Have you ever been to a bar or club to see a band that you could hardly hear?  This is exactly the opposite of that!  House concerts are about the music, there is a charm about a house concert not found anywhere.  The audience and the artist really share the music.  Riff isn't your usual singer/songwriter series, we also host bands and local artists.

The Riff House Concerts series was created by Tim and Candyce Slusher in 2009.  Our series is an opportunity to share our passion for music with our family, friends and neighbors in an intimate setting while showcasing artists to help increase their popularity and CD sales.


Invitation is required so sign up to be on our email list!  All donations benefit the preforming artist.


From Tim:

We became involved in hosting house concerts after I was responsible for booking musicians at a coastal venue.  The economy forced the venue to to cease the presentation of live music. I wanted to continue the relationships I had built in the industry and continue to build new ones, I decided to explore this venture.  Our first show was a full 4 piece band and our second show was a local singer/songwriter, who praised us for the experience and insisted we "do this more".   We hoped to host 3 shows a year, but our popularity and demand has us hosting shows almost monthly. 
This is what I can do to support independent artists and share my love for music with others.  There is an energy, a spark, a connection, that only comes from such an intimate setting.  There is nothing like it. 


Television - Great Day SA and KABB's Street's Corner segment. 

Print - The San Antonio Current, San Antonio Magazine, and Scene in SA Magazine. 

Our Riff  House Review show in Feb 2012 was named the #2 event of San Antonio's Hottest Happenings.  

Tim was voted Music Promoter of the Year 2012 by the San Antonio Current.


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