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Feathered Entertainment Productions


We are music fans first and foremost.

We promote the careers of upcoming artists, as well as produce and promote music events. We have a true passion for music and an adoration for the those that create it. We work hard to put together quality shows with amazing artists and help cultivate their careers. Where there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day for booking, recording, practice, writing, promoting, etc. Feathered Entertainment is here to reduce some of that stress.  All the while allowing the artists complete control of the direction of their career.  We are here to be a helping hand for today's independent artist.  

Riff House Concerts is a side project of Feathered Entertainment Productions - however all donations benefit the performing artist. 

Check out our other project  The Nekkid Armadilla Extravaganza!! 

If you are interested in booking or more info about Feathered Entertainment email us at:

Who are we

Tim Slusher

Tim is a native of San Antonio, TX, he found his passion as an advocate for independent music and musicians. Tim has spent the last several years hosting the Riff House Concert series in San Antonio, but has been booking and producing events since 2005.  Feathered Entertainment was launched in 2011 to help independent artists maintain control yet be an affordable assistant when there isn't enough time to achieve all the daily tasks required as an independent artist. 

Tim was also a contributing member of Local782, an awareness and support organization for musicians in San Antonio, responsible for the annual Local Music Week. Since created his own non-profit MUSIC Project. 

In 2010 Tim was responsible for securing the music entertainment for the San Antonio Alzheimer's Association. 

2012 Feathered Entertainment along with Riff House Radio presented its first unofficial SXSW showcase on 6th street with nine bands from TX, Boston, LA, and New York.

That event has contiued for the last 3 years with performing bands such as: American Authors, Coby Brown, My Body Sings Electric, Mean Creek, and more. 

In 2012 that event became a summer festival in Palacios, TX.  The Nekkid Armadilla, as its called.  

2012 and 2014 Tim was awarded Music Promoter of the Year by the San Antonio Current Magazine.


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